aspergers test –

after the whole jacob barnett thing, i wanted to see where i fell on the scale – scored a 29. but i also have to admit to seeing the pattern in the test and knowing i could get whatever result ii wanted by question 3. so i did my best to be honest. 34 and above is having the condition 13 is average human – according to that site which may or may not be something based in real diff situations.
making d’s and f’s throughout school, and testing in the top 5-10% says there is something going on. my feelings were always that i was much more effective at teaching myself than at being taught in the traditional fashion.
i suppose it makes me sad that there arent any real resources for my type of person to get active teaching from someone else. they only way i have ever done extraordinarily well was with a teacher who could give info in a way that caught my mind and i felt was inspiring. intensity of interest of the instructor always led me to ace the class without effort. and as i tested out as an infj on the meyers briggs i wonder what the correlation might be other than the obvious. I “live in my mind” for thee most part and tend to disregard things like time, and can block out everything around my and hyper focus. I actually love that quality in myself as it allows me to advance in areas of strong interest much more rapidly than the norm. as long as i don’t have to wait for a “class of others” to “get it” i can race through the subject and still retain the info for life.

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