One thought on “The rise of the unemployable underclass | Felix Salmon

  1. Okay, so if 300,000 females are unemployed vs. The 1,000,000 males- I have to think of the analysis and what that means to and about me as a female. I’m pretty sure that my education isn’t a factor. Even though I was a mere Sr thesis away from my undergrad, my employers don’t know that, they all think I have that piece of paper. Does that statistic mean that females are more willing to take menial jobs- since I’m working as a waitress even though I’m 7 credits away from a BA and have 18 years experience in my field? Does it mean that so few women were working in 1980/82 that statistically the numbers are flawed? Or are more women working because of affirmative action? Because we were somehow more valuable? Because we held the lowest paying positions therefore didn’t need to be cut away as the “fat” of an operation? I’d like to see where the numbers and where those conclusions were drawn.


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