Missouri governor vetoes electronic cigarette bill | Local – Home

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed legislation on Monday that would have banned people younger than 18 from buying electronic cigarettes, but limited the states ability to regulate the product like it does traditional cigarettes.Nixon said the bill was an attempt to exempt electronic cigarettes from being taxed by the state. In his veto letter he wrote that the state should not limit its power to regulate a product that may have significant health risks.Some e-cigarette vendors disagree with the veto, and say the move could open the door to unnecessary state regulation.Johnson also said the health risks of electronic cigarettes are much different than the risks attributed to traditional cigarettes, and most people who shop in his store buy e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking.”theyre wanting to put a really close correlation to regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes which I think theres an awful lot of difference,” Johnson said.Right now, e-cigarettes are not taxed by Missouri, but the veto gives the state the opportunity to tax the product in the future. Johnson said even if lawmakers decide to tax e-cigarettes in the future, it most likely wont have an effect on business.The FDA is planning to come out with federal regulations prohibiting minors from buying e-cigarettes and mandating warning labels be put on packaging for e-cigs.Copyright 2013, KY3 News

via Missouri governor vetoes electronic cigarette bill | Local – Home.

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