Proposed FDA E-Cig Regulations Could Have Impact On Oklahoma Eco – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

Proposed FDA E-Cig Regulations Could Have Impact On Oklahoma Eco – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |.



The Food and Drug Administration is regulating the controversial e-cigarette industry; an industry largely based in Oklahoma.

Proposed regulations may not make e-cigs safer, but could, instead, cost vapor stores thousands of dollars and maybe their business.

Whether you smoke e-cigs or not, Tulsans should weigh in on the proposed FDA regulations because vapor stores have been popping up all across Oklahoma making e-cigs a big part of our economy.

“Oklahoma is kind of the vaping mecca of the world,” said Chip Paul with Palm Beach Vapors.

The once Oil Capital of the World is now known for another blend; a blend made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and a little bit of nicotine.

Palm Beach Vapors in Owasso is one of hundreds of Oklahoma e-cig stores that could soon be governed by a new set of FDA regulations.

Industry leaders, like Paul, expected the FDA to regulate the juices. Instead, the FDA is proposing regulations for small e-cig parts.

“You could put basically anything in a bottle of juice and sell that, which is just ridiculous, irresponsible, scary,” said Paul.

He said the FDA already requires e-cig retailers to post juice ingredients on bottles. However, it has not proposed any regulation as to what goes into the juice and into your lungs.

Read The Regulations Here

The bottles don’t even have to have child safety caps.

Paul said the proposed regulations would force e-cig manufacturers to file expensive registrations with the FDA. He said most of them are in China, and those costs could make waves overseas.

“And that would cause the retail prices to go up,” Paul said.

Palm Beach Vapors is also working to add vitamins to its juice in an attempt to make the vapor healthier.

The FDA is asking for feedback on the proposed regulations up until August 8th.

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