Fake News Writer Finally Realizes Americans Take Fake News Seriously: ‘It’s Scary’ – Houston Chronicle

Fake News Writer Finally Realizes Americans Take Fake News Seriously: ‘It’s Scary’ Paul Horner, 38, has been writing completely made-up news on his “satire” site abcnews.com.co (which even uses a logo designed to mimic the real ABC News logo) for year. […] he is just now realizing the damage fake news disguised as real news can do. John Oliver Slams Facebook News Feed’s ‘Cesspool of Nonsense’ During Election (Video) If you’re wondering why Horner would even write such a thing — and are perhaps even more puzzled as to why he’d create an ad on Craigslist, which essentially validates his claim in the eyes of any amateur fact checker — it’s because Trump supporters “were under the belief that people were getting paid to protest at their rallies,” he says. Capitol Hill Shooter Identified as Right-Wing Extremist and “Fireman Suspended & Jailed By Atheist Mayor For Praying At Scene Of Fire”, and that he makes about $10,000 a month from Google AdSense. Democrats Believe Facebook Contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Loss To Donald Trump Google says it will no longer allow companies that run fake news to use its online advertising service. Horner said he hopes his sites don’t get lumped in with “total BS sites,” because despite his recent epiphany that people are taking his disinformation as fact, he still plans on continuing to write it. Satire is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat,” for example, wasn’t a comedy designed to make movie theater audiences think his character was real, but rather he used the fake character to illuminate very real racism and stupidity plaguing the country. “Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Investigation Into Election Results; Revote Planned For Dec. 19th,” isn’t clever commentary on the truth.

Source: Fake News Writer Finally Realizes Americans Take Fake News Seriously: ‘It’s Scary’ – Houston Chronicle

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