Why the name Ambienincident ?

simply put, this is what i do when i should be sleeping…

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Today I learned that caring for a mentally ill parent wo money is not only difficult, but damned near impossible if you, like most people in this troubled economy, don’t have the finances available. My attempts at finding placement and funding were blocked at every turn. Unless she is an immediate danger to herself or someone else, I have to wait until the state receives it’s Federal funding – IN JUNE! It is no wonder the mentally ill wander the streets to die in filth and degradation. I find it disheartening that our tax dollars can go to the greatest new war tool and that our congress members get yet another raise while the availability of health coverage for anyone not fortunate enough to have a job that provides them nor public services are available to people who really need them.


  2. Good Goddess!
    Planned Parenthood: URGENT: Rep. Boehner is caving to extremists

    Okay, not sure what short sighted womb nazis would support this evil plot. Let’s think for a moment the impact of taking free/subsidized birth control away from the vulnerable populaions. How much does it cost our government (your tax dollars) to prevent pregnancy and STDs vs. the cost of treating and caring for unwanted/unplanned babies to parents who can’t afford to care for them? How about the cost to treat rampant STD’s? Gee, let me think – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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