Headline Commentary

OUR views and totally biased opinions on shit we know nothing about.

5 thoughts on “Headline Commentary

  1. A mom, her 14 year old daughter and 6 year old niece are riding in the car. 6 year old screams from the back seat, “I want some toys!” Mother reaches below the 14 year old to grab a plastic grocery sack and hands it back to the 6 year old. 14 year old looks at her mom in horror and says,”Don’t give the 6 year old a plastic bag to play with!” Mom laughs at the implications and let’s her daughter know the 6 year old’s toys were in the bag. Daughter sighs with relief.


  2. Considering this particular 6 year old, it would save so many people so many headaches. ;-p


  3. Really having a hard time with the NPR funding thing. jesus fuck this bothers me to no fucking end.


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